We use address verification through Google in order to ensure the information being entered is valid according to United States Postal Service records. 

In order to properly verify your address, follow these steps:

  1. If you see a prompt asking for permission to share your location with redeemyouroffers.com, you should allow it.
  2. If the address field has been previously filled in by your browser/devices' auto fill feature, we suggest you remove the contents completely from the address field and begin typing from scratch.
  3. Type each number and letter of your address except for apartment, unit, or suite numbers. You will see a dialog below the input begin to display addresses similar to what you are typing. Continue to type until you see an exact match to your address in the dialog. Once you see it, select your address from the dialog.
    1. If you have an apartment, unit, or suite number of any kind, enter this on the second line titled "Apartment Unit/Suite Number".
  4. If you see a red box stating "Waiting for valid address selection from Google..." then your address has not be properly selected from the dialog.
  5. Once you see a green box stating "Address Verified with Google" you will know that the address verification is complete.
  6. Please Note: PO Boxes are NOT Allowed.


Occasionally, in rural areas or when dealing with new construction, your entered address may not appear in the list. You can first try to change the way you are typing in the address. For example, try typing "South" instead of just the letter "S" or vice versa. If this still does not work, reach out to our customer service team for help.