Terms and Conditions
Open to select AT&T Dealers locations only, their sales associates, store managers, area/district manager, and area/market directors only. AT&T corporate locations are not participating. 4/12/19 – 5/31/19. Void where prohibited. LG is the sponsor of this offer. Any award winner must be employed by Dealer and in good standing to receive/redeem ANY award at the time the award is redeemed.   Any award not claimed by 8/31/19 will be considered void/expired.  All sales must be entered into the sale portal within 48 hours of the sale.  Final day to enter sales is 6/2/19 at 11:59pm Central.  Final day to use any spins earned is 6/4/19 at 11:59pm.  INSTANT WIN AWARDS - $200 Weekly Sweepstakes awards will be delivered at one-time no later than 6/15/19.  Instant Prepaid Visa Gift Cards will be sent for virtual redemption only within 10 business days of winning the award.  GRAND PRIZE – Top 5 winners will be solely based on number of approved sales entered into the sales portal.  Only the actual person whom sold the approved LG device may enter the sale and have it count towards the Grand Prize.  Any Dealer that combines all of their sales under one individual will be voided.  Top 5 winners will be notified by 6/15/19 after their individual sales have been confirmed by LG and Dealer executive leadership.  The drawing of the Grand Prizes will occur the week of 6/24/19.  Each of the 5 winners will have a chance to win one of the Grand Prizes shown above by playing a ‘match game’.  Each of the 5 winners will have 40 envelopes to chose from, and whichever prize/award where they first match 5 award symbols will determine their award.  Winners are responsible for all tax associated with the awards and will be required to complete all required documentation before the award can be provided.  All Grand Prize awards will be distributed by 7/15/19.  Official rules and terms/conditions of the Grand Prize are shown on the sales portal.