How do I register for LG September to Remember?

Good News! If you have participated in a past LG Incentive you do not need to register. You can use the same user name and password.

If you are new to LG Incentives and need to register:

Only new participants receive the $5 Visa.

I have participated in past LG Incentives -  do I need to register for the LG September to Remember, or will my past user name and password work?

Your past user name and password will work for LG September to Remember.

What are the dates of LG September to Remember Promotion?

The LG September to Remember Promotion runs from September 1 – September 30, 2018.


How do I earn drops?


How do I claim my drops and play the game?

What are the instant Plinko prizes?

  • $5 Prepaid Virtual Visa Awards
  • $15 Prepaid Virtual Visa Awards
  • $25 Prepaid Virtual Visa Awards

What happens after winning a prize?

After winning a prize you will receive an activation email. Once you activate your prize via the email, virtual prizes should appear in your email inbox within 5-7 business days.

What are the Sweepstakes Prizes?

At the end of the September to Remember Incentive (10) winners will be selected to each win a $500 Prepaid Visa.